Fail to Prep…Prep to Fail…

Ok, ok. I know, totally cliche.. but it definitely serves the point. Have you ever been on “a diet”, been out running errands …forgot to bring a bar or snack and decided “what the heck, what’s one meal?”… then caved on your diet?…. FAIL!! So many people want to lose weight, want to gain lean body mass, want to burn fat, but refuse to put in the work in order to do it. We’ve gone through setting goals and the importance of journaling; and now that you’ve documented these, I’m sure you’ve probably seen patterns. You’ve recorded when a meal doesn’t satisfy you, when you have your mid-afternoon crash, when you have the most energy, etc… So now USE that information to help you PREPARE your day. It’s a pain at times, but then again, isn’t having to buy clothes a size bigger, and only having mirrors in your house from the chest up because you’re gaining weight like the rest of America …WORSE???

Here’s What to Consider When Creating the Game Plan:

  1. Are you working out today? if so, when? Make sure your meals reflect the quality of nutrients you’ll require before and after your workout.
  2. How long will you be out of the house? How many meals? Pack one extra, just in case. something non-perishible is always a good idea for the extra meal.
  3. Water. Be “one of those people” and keep your water with you at all times.


  • Invest in a good cooler, food scale, and tupperware.
  • Cook your meat in batches for a couple days, especially if you have long days and don’t necessarily have time to cook everyday.
  • If you have trouble getting your water in, try a wedge of lemon in it, or alternate your refills with crystal light.

Remember, it’s ok not to know everything, and reading stuff on the internet will not make you an expert. So, if you’re hitting a road block, don’t hesitate to recruit a professional for help. They’ve invested years of experience, time in education, are on top of the latest studies, and can help you weed through the “fads” to create a lasting and satisfying lifestyle. 


About kgretchen

Kaila is BAACKK.... in Delaware... since having left in 2007 to further her education and experience. She lived and worked in Greensboro, North Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; and Washington, DC working alongside some of the industry’s leaders before returning in early 2012. Kaila is an avid sports fan and enjoys fitness as part of her daily lifestyle. She’s been weight training since she was 14 years old, participated in advanced speed and agility training, and tried her hand in competing in NPC sanctioned bikini competitions. She also played NCAA Division II volleyball in Philadelphia during college and competed in volleyball, basketball and track in high school. Kaila enjoys the challenge of working with individuals who are looking to manage their weight, improve their coordination, strength, flexibility, and create an overall healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. She’s worked in nutritional counseling since graduating from the University of Delaware, mostly in the fitness industry setting, though has also gained experience in a clinical setting as well. Kaila is happiest motivating others to willingly embrace a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating habits…watching their attitudes, perspectives, and personal drive in life completely change for the better! She has been instrumental in helping the morbidly obese discover new lifestyle strategies to create new, healthy bodies. She takes a special interest in those who have had injuries, have nutritional concerns, or special events for which they are preparing. She’s helped many women get in their best shape for their weddings, and assists those prepping for the armed-forces as well. Dave has been a mentor of Kaila’s since she first began in the industry when she was only 18 years old. Since reuniting professionally, they have teamed together to expand the Pulse business.
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5 Responses to Fail to Prep…Prep to Fail…

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