This Round Is On…..YOU!

So you’ve made your goals, you’ve outlined your plan of attack.. you’re more active, you’re planning, recording and preparing your meals, and you feel GREAT! …then the phone rings and it’s your bestie calling with plans for the night out. What to do, what to do…?!?!?! Goals don’t just happen, they’re earned …you know it and you’re not falling short this time.

Biggest mistakes a lot of people make when they begin a new “lifestyle” approach: 1. You write off all social gatherings to avoid the enticement of unwanted calories. 2. You go to those social gatherings, saying “to F with it”….and another goal bites the dust… If this “goal” that you’ve outlined follows SMAART, then chances are it’s a permanent change where finding a balance in life can be challenging.

Unless you’re prepping for a bodybuilding event, photoshoot, or some sort of athletic/aesthetic event that requires ridiculously strict dieting and training, then putting your calorically-based social life in the ground should not necessarily be part of the plan. So you’ve planned… a “cheat” night hopefully? Life happens, and if you live in the 21st century, then nearly every social event revolves around some sort of food, and or beverage, and many times the beverage is alcohol….which can lead to unplanned grazing of unwanted foods. Know your agenda. Know when you have work/social events, family gatherings, Girl’s (or Boy’s) Night Out, weekends away, and PLAN for them. If it’s an event where you can bring your food, eat before and/or after, then do so. Find out what type of food, if any, will be served. You may be able to incorporate it into your daily intake without skipping a beat. Don’t make it a cheat unless you’ve planned it…and then make it worth it!

Instead of feeling like you’re depriving yourself at and from these events, try to think of what you CAN have and do that DOES complement your new lifestyle. Empower your circle of friends and try to create a support network within them. A lot of times friends become threatened by a new lifestyle because they don’t feel involved in your life anymore.. You’re motivated, making changes and they feel like they’re losing their partner in crime…their “late-night-wawa-hoagie-drunk-run buddy” after a night out on the town. If your goals require a lifestyle change, then empower your friends or significant other(s) to join you; no one likes to be left out ;o). Chances are, if they’re true good friends, even if they don’t want to join you, they’ll support you, they’ll admire your will to change, and help hold you accountable to your own goals….


About kgretchen

Kaila is BAACKK.... in Delaware... since having left in 2007 to further her education and experience. She lived and worked in Greensboro, North Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; and Washington, DC working alongside some of the industry’s leaders before returning in early 2012. Kaila is an avid sports fan and enjoys fitness as part of her daily lifestyle. She’s been weight training since she was 14 years old, participated in advanced speed and agility training, and tried her hand in competing in NPC sanctioned bikini competitions. She also played NCAA Division II volleyball in Philadelphia during college and competed in volleyball, basketball and track in high school. Kaila enjoys the challenge of working with individuals who are looking to manage their weight, improve their coordination, strength, flexibility, and create an overall healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. She’s worked in nutritional counseling since graduating from the University of Delaware, mostly in the fitness industry setting, though has also gained experience in a clinical setting as well. Kaila is happiest motivating others to willingly embrace a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating habits…watching their attitudes, perspectives, and personal drive in life completely change for the better! She has been instrumental in helping the morbidly obese discover new lifestyle strategies to create new, healthy bodies. She takes a special interest in those who have had injuries, have nutritional concerns, or special events for which they are preparing. She’s helped many women get in their best shape for their weddings, and assists those prepping for the armed-forces as well. Dave has been a mentor of Kaila’s since she first began in the industry when she was only 18 years old. Since reuniting professionally, they have teamed together to expand the Pulse business.
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