Navigating through the Holidays

FAAAAAAATWhy are the final 6 weeks of the year so challenging to keep any sort of routine in any facet of life? We’re bombarded with social events above and beyond what any normal person should have to feel obliged to attend. Our budgets are tight, our bellies are full (but we strategically layer the clothes to try to disguise our extra insulation), and our will power to maintain a consistent workout routine, let alone sticking to any type of meal plan is non-existent … You feel your fail-proof plan of attack to hit your goals is on a vicious downward spiral… right to your love handles! ugh!

Remember.. you’re always in control. Always. You control how much, how often, and what  you put in your mouth. Just because there’s an array of scrumptious looking goodies offered at every cubicle  you walk by, I promise, it’s not offensive to NOT eat anything. WHAT IF..for instance… you have  a severe food allergy…to SUGAR.. I bet NO ONE would be hassling you, challenging your will power, or hovering the christmas cookies under your nose trying to entice you…Yeah, they may tease you a little.. because let’s be real…who wants to be allergic to sugar…but if you’re on a plan.. and you’re dedicated to seeing your goals…then you’re allergic to anything that would hold you back! Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme…and I’m not promoting completely depriving yourself around the holidays.. I understand that events happen, schmoozing and boozing takes place….but you must always remember, you’re in control of your own actions.. and how you chose to delve into your “holiday spirit”.

Here are some tips to help you manage the chaos:

1. Prioritize. We’re back to planning again.. imagine that?! You know the holidays are ridiculously crazy, and your gym activity might go down…that’s ok!!!..just plan or have your nutrition coach plan your meals to accommodate the lack of activity!!

2. Bring your own “healthy” version of dishes to get-togethers or events.. that way, you always know there is SOMETHING you can eat that won’t make you say a prayer before jumping, squirming and squeezing into your jeans the next week.

3. Pick and Choose… just because there are a MILLION events going on.. you don’t necessarily HAVE to attend every last one.. you’ll burn out.. to the point where when your schedule allows you to regain a routine.. your body will fight back..hard.

4. If your situation does not allow you to eat better.. for whatever reason.. MOVE more.. figure it out.. yes I know…it’s cold out and your bed seems unbearable to leave in the morning.. but your hiney will be a whole lot heavier to move when your schedule actually allows for a better, non-chaotic routine… Which would you prefer?


About kgretchen

Kaila is BAACKK.... in Delaware... since having left in 2007 to further her education and experience. She lived and worked in Greensboro, North Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; and Washington, DC working alongside some of the industry’s leaders before returning in early 2012. Kaila is an avid sports fan and enjoys fitness as part of her daily lifestyle. She’s been weight training since she was 14 years old, participated in advanced speed and agility training, and tried her hand in competing in NPC sanctioned bikini competitions. She also played NCAA Division II volleyball in Philadelphia during college and competed in volleyball, basketball and track in high school. Kaila enjoys the challenge of working with individuals who are looking to manage their weight, improve their coordination, strength, flexibility, and create an overall healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. She’s worked in nutritional counseling since graduating from the University of Delaware, mostly in the fitness industry setting, though has also gained experience in a clinical setting as well. Kaila is happiest motivating others to willingly embrace a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating habits…watching their attitudes, perspectives, and personal drive in life completely change for the better! She has been instrumental in helping the morbidly obese discover new lifestyle strategies to create new, healthy bodies. She takes a special interest in those who have had injuries, have nutritional concerns, or special events for which they are preparing. She’s helped many women get in their best shape for their weddings, and assists those prepping for the armed-forces as well. Dave has been a mentor of Kaila’s since she first began in the industry when she was only 18 years old. Since reuniting professionally, they have teamed together to expand the Pulse business.
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